Dec. 13: (Not Just Any) Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to go ahead and say it—everyone may not be a foodie, but, we all eat. Everyone is food-connected to some degree. The full-on foodies among us live it everyday, getting their hands dirty experimenting in the kitchen, following chefs on Twitter, and taking culinary themed vacations. The more casual, foodie-lites, might enjoy cooking every so often, finding the hot new eatery, posting Instagram pics of beautifully presented dishes, and even watching a fair amount of food TV. And of course, there are foodie-adjacents. They don’t really seek out food as a lifestyle, but it finds them—and when it does, it’s usually delicious. So, with everyone sitting somewhere on the food-connected spectrum, we thought, ‘how about a gift guide that covers every food-connected type in your life?’

We’ve scoured content to compile a list with something for everyone, from eaters to food inventors and everything in-between. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!


For the Full-on Foodies:

The right gift is something that’s stored in the kitchen and helps make something delicious. Simply gifting delicious food can work as well, just remember, this group will travel for a deeper culinary experience and they like to roll up their sleeves and create.

gift list images.001.jpeg

1. Instapot x Melissa Clark show you how it's done in her newest cookbook: Dinner in an Instant

2. Not just for toast anymore: Bee's Knees Spicey Honey

3. Basil and oregano aren't just for the spice cabinet: Village Common Herb scented candles

4. Come on...what self-respecting food person doesn't like delicious meat?: It’s Pat!

5. Because, hummus. Or meat.  Or vegetables:  Zahtar,

6. Good enough for Anne Burrell? Good enough for us: Cazenovia Cutting Blocks

7. Makes smoothies and veggie spaghetti—BOOM:  Veggie Bullet, you’re welcome.

8. A gift that gives back to kids in need - No Kid Hungry Gift Crate or Alton Brown-designed spatulas by Williams Sonoma


For the Foodie-Lites:

They might not be as dialed-in as the ‘Full-ons’, but their fingers are on the pulse of the foodie lifestyle. Tools for the occasional (yet still, enthusiastic and meticulous) cook work well for your foodie-lites, culinary experiences too (think: a cooking class).

gift list images.002.jpeg

9. Because… it’s salt: Williams-Sonoma Olivewood Salt Keeper

10. Because you love to make it (and shake it): Traditional Shake and Pop With Popcorn

11. Any of these 15 food subscription boxes: Best subscription food boxes

12. You drink you wine, you need one of these. Just one: Le Chateau Wine Decanter

13. When you need hot to be hot & cold to be cold: MIRA Lunch, Food Jar, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel

14. It’s never a bad time to update your basics: The Kitchen Drawer

15. This is what you bring to the farmer’s market: Canvas Market Tote by Abbot Fjord


For the Foodie-Adjacents:

Your foodie adjacent friends don’t really cook. They might like a cooking class (though a wine tasting may be more appropriate). They love what we all love, delicious food and a good time. Here’s your opportunity to expand their horizons—just a bit.

gift list images.003.jpeg

16. Open bottles with a twist: Nambé ‘Twist’ Bottle Opener

17. Movie nights are better with this next-level popcorn: Butter & Scotch Hot Toddy Popcorn

18. Everything's better with mezcal: Creyente Mezcal Joven

19. Sweet warmth on a cold winter's night: Food52 x Hawkins NY Seasonal Candle, Tomato & Vine

20. Shake up cocktails with style and old school charm: W&P Design Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

21. Make it a flight to remember (or forget): Carry on Cocktail Kit

22. Have a Clambake!: Lobster Place Stove-Top Clambake

*Want your gift to make a bigger statement? Do something spectacular. Make your gift to someone a donation on their behalf and feed hungry kids.