The Gift of José Andrés

He is a world-renown chef with eateries all over the globe. He has taught culinary physics at Harvard University, was named dean of Spanish Studies at The International Culinary Center and received an honorary doctorate degree in public service from George Washington University. But accolades and incredible eateries aside, José Andrés’ greatest achievements have been in the form of service to humankind. The man is a brand, and his brand food story sets the bar. Responding to the Haiti earthquake in 2010, Andrés formed World Central Kitchen, his organization dedicated to providing healthy food to families and individuals affected by disaster, and it has been full throttle since then. The organization served over three million meals to hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, and close to 30,000 to victims and first responders of the Southern California wildfires. He’s outspoken (check out @chefjoseandres), committed to reducing food waste, providing culinary training and proper access to nutrition. And when Andrés sounds the bell for a humanitarian effort, his fellow chefs answer the call.  He is more than a chef with a gift, he is a gift to his fellow man. Hats off to Chef Andrés, we’re looking forward to the next chapter in his food story.