Dec. 8: À la carte... McDonald's Japan, fashion x food collabs, foodie gifts and sell by dates

I have a confession to make, I eat at McDonald’s. The circumstances have to be right, which is to say, I have to be on a road trip to justify the stop. There’s just something about having fries in the car. No doubt I’d want a bagful of these for the drive from Tokyo to Osaka. Why does everything interesting at McDonald’s happen outside the US?

Food x Fashion collaborations hit their stride last year and show no signs of slowing as a trend. For the foodie in your life, they yield excellent gifts for the holiday season. This Milk x Madewell collab shows promise (aprons aren’t supposed to sell out this fast), and the Blue(berry) Jeans Cookie Mix not only sounds killer, but easy as pie.

Speaking of holiday gifts for your foodie… (you’re welcome).

And finally, this—a follow-up of sorts to a post from last week regarding food and sell-by/use-by dates. Seems a grocery in the UK is putting slightly older food to good use in an effort to ease financial burden and reduce waste.