[Sniff, sniff] Smell that? THIS Musk is cooking up something different.

Sometimes middle children have trouble finding their way. Kimbal Musk doesn’t have that problem. A striking figure at 6’,4” and often in a white cowboy hat—he’s considered one of the founding fathers of the modern food movement, working to “pursue an America where everyone has access to real food.” After successful business ventures early in his career with partner and older brother Elon, Kimball enrolled into the French Culinary Institute; next came a series of successful restaurant openings. K. Musk then established The Kitchen Community, a non-profit creating Learning Gardens in schools across America (and giving kids access to healthy food).

Today, Kimbal Musk is promoting a philosophy he calls “real food.” (Think, healthy, local food grown on chemical free farms). It’s no secret that many of us are starting to take a hard look at what we’re putting into our bodies and we’re demanding better, we’re demanding transparency and sustainability. Kimbal Musk aims to provide this through innovations in farming. In fact, this Musk sees an opportunity to bring farming back into the mainstream; his accelerator, Square Roots, teaches millennials how to farm out of a shipping container in Brooklyn. He’s a middle child making a major difference—one that could help change the way we all think about our food.