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Food resolutions you can follow, Dunkin', Helping the Homeless in Philly, and lots of MEAT

Two weeks into the new year, figure about another two weeks before the resolutions start to fizzle. For everyone doing a dry January, …well, you’re almost there. Rather than get radical with absolutes, these mini-food resolutions offer ways to streamline your approach to food so you can save time and money.  “Time to make the—?” While we’re on streamlining, Dunkin’ Donuts wants to assert its food story as being beverage-led. They’ve removed a bunch of fan favorite sandwiches from the menu, and they’re thinking of removing something else…  Food for good? This guy. Chad Rosenthal, restauranteur and former Food Network Star finalist, is doing something big to help the homeless in Philadelphia and extend the brand of his barbecue joint, LuckywellYou can help him. Because we love meat—Americans are expected to eat more of it this year that EVER BEFORE. Seems counterintuitive given that we know plant proteins offer health benefits like reduced risk of heart disease. Sometime we Americans ignore the obvious. And just because it looks delicious, this recipe for Haitian Pork Griot.