Nutrition as the prescription

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates

It’s not a new concept, but perhaps one far too many have lost sight of. More simply put, “you are what you eat.” And if what you’re eating is processed, high in sugar, salt, refined oils and carbs, but low in vegetables, you’re not doing your health any favors. The problem is, that’s how the majority of us are eating. It’s making us sick and we’re relying on prescribed medications to handle our ills. Double whammy. Fortunately, more common sense thinking about the relationship between health and diet is starting to come from a pretty expected source: doctors. Whether they’re walking grocery aisles giving guidance to patients or augmenting their training to become full-on Certified Culinary Specialists, they’re grounded in the simple notion that healthy eating can prevent, limit or even reverse disease. Doctors believe that proper food choices can go a long way to preventing diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and even cancer. This isn’t about fad diets or elixirs. This is about sustainable, delicious eating, providing knowledge, and changing the way we think about food so that we can change the way we live. It’s our food, it’s not just there to fill us up.