À la carte

Let’s begin with a moment of silence… Paul Bocuse, legendary French chef and the man behind The Bocuse D’or (often referred to as the “culinary Olympics”) passed away this weekend, 91 years young. French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted Saturday, "Paul Bocuse is no longer here. Chefs are crying in their kitchen at the Élysée and everywhere in France."  ...Moringa is the new Kale—The Winter Fancy Food Show kicked off yesterday in San Francisco, here's a bit of what's happening so far …DNA and dieting—We’re all human, but it’s no secret our bodies all work a bit differently; from faster or slower metabolisms, to varying ability to break down nutrients. Genetic testing kits are popping up with the promise of delivering diets tailored to the way our individual bodies work. The jury on effectiveness is still out… We love Trader Joe’s butPublix Super Markets and Wegmens tied for first place as America’s favorite grocery chains in a Market Force survey. Trader Joe’s was a close second and won in the cashier courtesy category, something the new Amazon store in Seattle won't ever have to worry about. Finally, Tide Pods are not food.