À la carte

Certified High— Consumers like labels, points, scores and valuations (especially when we can actually understand them). That’s why they’re so prevalent; Weight Watchers assigns points to food; packaged goods slap the “Non-GMO” label on goods that are Non-GMO, (and we’d argue that many don’t understand what that actually means, but, it sells). Now, a company is working on a third-party certification for a burgeoning food product; edibles. Uh huh, those kind of edibles. Open Table is Your Wingman— OpenTable just partnered with Virginia tourism to help solo diners meet and have dinner with other solo diners. OpenSeat (a booking option available for about 30 participating restaurants in Virginia, for now), will pair solo diners looking for dinner company, who’ll enjoy a free appetizer just for joining in the fun. Cultured Meat, Not Just (Potentially) for Humans— Startup company, Wild Earth, is creating dog treats using Koji, (an ingredient in miso soup and sake).  But that’s not the real news; they plan to develop a dog food made from meat from mouse cells. To be clear: not butchered mice, but cultured (lab grown) mouse meat. Yum. Finally— Is this a trick or a treat?