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Acronyms Come Together— The Department of Agriculture (USDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have partnered in a new initiative “aimed at improving coordination and communication across federal agencies attempting to better educate Americans on the impacts and importance of reducing food loss and waste,” said the FDA. It’s called “Winning on Reducing Food Waste,” brought to you by the current administration. Estimated food waste in the US is between 30%-40% of the food supply. And it’s not just the food being wasted, it’s the resources being used to make that food. This Was Only a Matter of Time— Sabra, your favorite hummus, is chasing millennial dollars just like every other brand out there. Their new, packaged avocado toast (for just $3?) is going to be a great lure. Sal is Back— Last week the CDC reported 92 people across 29 states have been infected with a strain of salmonella which is resistant to multiple types of antibiotics. The common factor seems to have been consumption of chicken products, but no one brand or location has been identified. 21 people have been hospitalized and no deaths have been reported. Finally— Most Stuf? Or Candy canes?