À la carte

Because They’re Not Into Writing Screenplays Yet— Just about every consumer brand is chasing teens (aka Gen Z, aka Centennials), these days because—youth. Now, according to a survey of teenage consumers, for the first time ever, Chick-fil-A has topped Starbucks as their preferred restaurant,across income groups. Starbucks was king among this group since 2011, when it took the top spot from McDonald’s. Maybe their new Witches Brew Frappucino will help out over the Halloween sugar blitz. Gen Z Eats Breakfast All Day Long— McDonald’s is launching new meatier breakfast options on November 1st . Their first significant new breakfast menu addition in years, triple meat sandwiches, were inspired by customer menu “hacks.” Of note, research at F&Co has revealed Food Connected Consumers to be avid recipe tweakers—it makes sense they’d bring this behavior to their favorite fast food restaurants. And yes, Gen Z does like to eat breakfast all day. You’ll Never Be Able to Get a Seat— Online only restaurants are definitely a thing, and Uber Eats is right there pushing them along. There are about 800 online only restaurants in the US, many of them sparked by demand from Uber eaters looking for foods in their area they can’t find. Millennials and Gen Z are seeking convenience, and these places fit the bill, but many wonder about the impact they’ll have on the future of dining out. Finally— Welcome back McRib!

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