À la carte

On the 9 3/4 Floor?— Muggles rejoice! Williams Sonoma is making it easier to add a little magic to your holiday dishes. Their Harry Potter Collection has just expanded with 38 brand new items including cookie jars and ice molds. Accio! Yes, Japan Does Celebrate Halloween— They just do a bit differently. In a pop-up restaurant created this month, visitors had the chance to try the last meals of some famous death row inmates. Created by an artist collective, Ningen Restaurant served the last meals of Gary Mark Gilmore and Judy Buenoano among others. The building housing the pop-up is set to be demolished after it’s close. Fitting. Because There’s a New Movie— Skipping ahead a bit (sorry Thanksgiving); IHOP has a new Grinch inspired menu. What’s on it? Green pancakes, “roast beast” omelettes, “who-hot chocolate” …and more fare you’ve grown to love (if not, expect) from the breakfast chain. Through Dec. 31. Finally— Don’t love your Halloween candy? If you’re in NYC, you’re in luck.