À la carte

A Feast For the Eyes— This graffiti artist gives haters the kind of visibility they deserve. None. He turns symbols of hate into scrumptious works of art. Brown Bag Lessons— Your kids head out for school… You don’t know what they’re up to all day, or exactly who’s influencing them. You hope they have that one great teacher that makes a positive impact in their lives. But sometimes you just want to give them a little “nudge.” How about a passive aggressive lunch note? Season II Greenlight— David Chang announced there will be a season two of his Netflix show, Ugly Delicious, a show Danica Lo described as, “one of the most important (and probably the best) documentary food series I've watched in years.” Need to catch up? Go ahead and binge season one. Vegan in the ‘Hood— Erick Castro, popular Instagrammer (How To Be Vegan in the Hood), and restaurant owner, is blasting stereotypes and showing people how to be vegan without breaking the bank. It’s not just about where to eat but also how to make simple, inexpensive, plant-based meals at home. Finally— C’mon romaine.