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Because He’s the Man— We’ve written about Chef José Andres before, for founding World Central Kitchen, for feeding first responders to California’s wildfires, for feeding hurricane victims in Puerto Rico… now he’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he could be the first chef to win it. [Don’t] Touchscreens— Tech may make our lives easier, but sometimes it creates new problems. For instance, you’re ordering from a newly installed touchscreen at your favourite fast-food restaurant, you don’t expect to walk away with an infection. Reasonable. An investigation of random samplings of UK McDonald’s new self-order touchscreens found gut and fecal bacteria… on every one. Gross. Holiday Fails— Netflix’s hit baking show, Nailed It!, is back for a six-episode, holiday themed season. Episodes go live on Friday, Dec. 7th. Finally— Writing your screenplay at Starbuck’s? Make sure that’s all you’re doing