À la carte

Playing With Fire?— Professors at the University of Florida are experimenting with genetically modified viruses and insects which they say can be used to deliver the viruses to plants. The end game is to make crops resistant to events like droughts. But some think it sounds close to biological weaponry. Unbuttoning Seasoning— It’s here. The season of casseroles galore, honey-baked hams, deep-fried turkeys, and the turducken. It’s the reason we’ve mastered the one-handed pants-button undo. Potbelly Sandwich Shop has received the memo; for a limited time, they’ll be offering a turducken sandwich and a pumpkin pie shake (made with vanilla ice cream and whole slice of pumpkin pie!) Grocery Impossible— You’ve seen it on the news.  Your friends have been talking about it. It’s been in select restaurants for a while. Hell, you can get one at White Castle, so it’s about time the Impossible Burger made it to grocery shelves. Look out for the ‘bleeding’ plant-based wonder in 2019. Finally— Get your dunk on.