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And the Food Story of the Year Is— You’d think an entire year in the dog house would make the romaine lettuce recalls a “no-brainer,” but no. According to a survey conducted in October, the food story Americans remembered most didn’t really involve food, not directly anyway. Large companies and cities banning plastic straws was the most memorable food story this year, outranking a name change at Dunkin’, wasabi-flavored Oreos, arguments over whether plant-based meat has the right to be called meat, and several more. It’s apparently the first time in the survey’s 16-year history that an environmentally focused story has come out on top. Everything Smells Like Chicken— And maybe that’s because there’s a KFC log burning in your fireplace. You read that right, Kentucky Fried Chicken makes something called the 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, and you can buy it here. A lot of people don’t have fireplaces, is the candle ever coming back? Look at What’s Happening to McDonald’s Fries Next Year— Ok, that was pretty click-bait-y, so let’s keep this simple. Bacon and cheese, that’s what’s happening. Cheesy bacon fries were tested in select locations over the summer and rollout nationwide in 2019. Here’s a Non-Story About Millennials— It claims Millennials are responsible for the death of certain foods, mayonnaise for instance. Thing is, mayonnaise isn’t dead, nor is sliced American cheese, or large turkeys, or beer, or bars. The Zeus of millennials couldn’t kill bars. Millennial behavior simply represents shifts in knowledge, socio-economic standing and family/living dynamics. Stuff that actually crosses generational lines. Finally— If you’re starting now, you’re probably already too late, but, here ya go.