À la carte

Food Car— Lyft is partnering with non-profit organization, Martha’s Table, to provide families living in Washington DC “food deserts” with $2.50 roundtrip rides to local grocery stores. The pilot program is being offered from January to June and covers DC’s wards 7 and 8.  Limited for now, stay tuned for more. Dessert Car— Milk Bar has partnered with UberEats in LA, NY, and Washington DC to deliver their treats to the sweet obsessed. UberEats is sweetening the deal even more to spread the word by waving their delivery fees, offering free cookies, and a sweepstakes for a free year of Milk Bar delivery. Me want cookie. Queasy Like Sunday Morning— 2018 was a crappy year for Romaine. Cauliflower jumped into the mix at the end of the year too. But they weren’t the only foods recalled for potentially spreading illness. Sal(monella) doesn’t discriminate. Finally— Really people, time’s almost up.