À la carte

Oh SNAP—The gov’t is considering replacing food stamps with a box of arbitrarily chosen processed and canned goods. Gov’t food boxes aren’t new, but this latest idea is a terrible one that would obliterate choice for those who already struggle to feed their families.  Medical conditions, taste, cultural customs, dignity… would all be disregarded in favor of attempting to slash costs while hitching on to the meal kit delivery trend. And it’s likely a ruse.  Also—Duh. SMH. Eating like this—is likely a lot healthier for you. One day they may take over the world—but before the robots obliterate humanity, they will flip our burgers.  Keep it clean—We’ve been big fans of the Instant Pot. We recommended it to you over the holidays, and maybe you even got one as a gift. Make sure you’re not cooking something unexpected. Congrats—to Olympic Gold Medalist Chloe Kim, for keeping it delicious.