À la carte

The Stericycle Recall Index functions very much in the way their name might imply—tracking product recalls in the United States. The last five years of data show an overall increase in recalls, with food products recalled by the FDA almost doubling since 2012. The number of pounds recalled by the USDA (think: meat) jumped 83.4% in the same time period. Bacterial and undeclared allergens were the main causes of food recalls. And here’s the poignant line of the piece:

“What has changed is the public is paying more attention to the recall process and how  effectively brands manage product recalls and notifications” —Stericycle VP Mike Good

Now say it with me: Consumers want transparency (especially with our food—but, not just with our food). That rumor about Doritos for women? —The one that had us all collectively face-palming?  Turns out they already exist. These self-driving cars however—don’ t… yet —Robomart could give Amazon a run for its money in the changing-the-nature-of-grocery category. Their four-wheeled, produce store proto-types could enable minor & major retailers and increase nutrient accessibility to food deserts. Finally, this girl scout—and her controversial cookie sales technique.