À la carte

Grocery with a soul—The Salvation Army is working to make healthy foods more accessible to low income families. They’ve launched DMG Foods; the first store has opened in Baltimore and shopping has begun. NY1’s New Yorker of the week— Ann Ogden Gaffney is an eternal optimist, a cancer survivor and the founder of Cooking for Your Life.  Her group teaches cancer patients how to create healthy meals that help them cope with their condition and the side effects of treatment. Mind your meals— By now we all know that fruits, veggies, and whole grains are good for us, but a little of this once in a while is good for our happy too. Socially Conscious Culinary and Mindfulness are just two of F&Co’s 2018 Food Trends. Stop by and see what else is on this year’s menu. Finally— do Robobees have a digital sting?