À la carte

If you spend St. Patrick’s Day in Japan— Dyeing for a festive looking St. Patrick’s Day brew? Using matcha (green-tea powder) creates the green brew you’re looking for, along with a unique flavor and drinking experience. The concoction has been enjoyed in Japan for years. Speaking of things we’ve enjoyed for years— You can still order a Meximelt at Taco Bell even though it’s not always on the menu. Taco Bell has served up 53 million orders of their new star, Nacho Fries. Everybody loves fries. Delete your Tinder profile—100 people surveyed, top answer on the board: Where do you go to meet potential dates? The grocery store. Don’t forget the milk. And finally— they make ice cream? Multi-sensory food experiences and transformation at grocery are among F&Co's 2018 Food Trends; stop by and see what else is on the menu this year.