Food x Fashion x Spring

It’s spring again, (in NY, the actual weather doesn't get here until this weekend), time to shed the heavy coats, thick sweaters and winter colors; all the clothes we looked forward to getting back into last October. It’s a time in the year when we look to expand our wardrobes, sprucing things up by treating ourselves to new pieces, exploring different colors, different looks—it is the season of renewal after all. What in the world does any of this have to do with food? Everything. The Food x Fashion love affair isn’t new: runway models were dressed in food inspired couture last spring; Dolce & Gabanna x Pasta Di Martino released a limited edition pasta last fall; and for some reason, fashion media buzzed really hard about Taco Bell x Forever 21. Fast Food x Fashion really does seem to be a thing, KFC is on runways in Shanghai and even White Castle is in the mix—they go a bit further with high-end gear that serves a higher purpose, proceeds are donated to The Robert F Kennedy Liberty And Justice Fund. Where’s this all going? Take a look down. At your feet. Springtime is great for just being out and about. There’ll be more walking, with a possibility of some jumping, and a chance of skipping too.  One needs comfort, style, a sense of playfulness—a bit of whimsy, if you will, in your shoes. And because we’re talking Food x Fashion, well, we need the food part too. Kith x Coca-Cola x Converse have already come together to put their particular spin on the classic Chuck Taylor. But if classic isn’t your thing, feast on Saucony x Dunkin Donuts, Nike x Gatorade, or KOIO Collective x The Flower Shop. Make no mistake, this is all serious footwear that you’d want to be seen in, absolutely not house shoes. Happy Spring.