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Eight-legged Treats?— Our collective consumption of beef is having an adverse effect on the planet, and it’s driving the exploration of protein alternatives. The Impossible Burger is already at grocery and available at fast food. Any fan of Naked and Afraid knows that insects are an excellent protein source. As part of their Exotic Meat Month, Bull City Burger in North Carolina is pushing culinary bug boundaries with its Tarantula Burger challenge. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. For the not-so-bold, there’s always cricket flour. Pull Out Your World Map and Your Thumbtacks— It's not only the local fare we love to sample when we travel, we also love the local takes on global cuisine. Everything gets a unique spin. Bott + Co has put together a handy guide of global cities with the most diverse food scenes. Get packing. Slippery When Wet— Just in time for the season, Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse have launched Diving into Hampton Water, their new rosé; perfect for the park or the parking lot before the show. Finally— This Saturday is Earth Day. Eat appropriately.