À la carte

What Year Is It?— Three years ago, Starbuck’s tried to start a conversation with their Race Together effort. It didn’t go well. Fast forward to 2018. In the aftermath of the recent arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbuck’s (for “trespassing”), Starbuck’s is closing 8,000 of its stores for day next month to conduct racial sensitivity training. You Had Your Chance 7Eleven— PR veteran Rachel Krupa aims to disrupt the convenience store space with The Goods Mart, a healthy convenience store committed to smarter eating (and living). Think: foods with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors; animal proteins that are humanely raised, with no nitrates, antibiotics or GMOs; and a smattering of household goods made from sustainable materials. Education is a factor as well, the store is equipped with iPads that allow consumers to learn about the brands in-store. The plan is to go nationwide with the concept next year. It’s not like we didn’t say anything. When There’s a Will— Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student and rising culinary star, Jimmy Wong, has found a delicious way to get through college. The former busboy creates intricate, fine dining dishes and serves them at Dench, the restaurant he runs out of his studio apartment. Finally— Gordon Ramsey is vegan now?