À la carte

Ummm, nothing to see here?— A chemical carcinogen produced in the roasting process is the reason over 90 coffee companies (yes, Starbuck’s too) are in a California court. And the judge wants coffee served up with a cancer warning.  Hovering over the panic button— There is a food crisis on the horizon. We’ve had biodiversity loss, our crops lack genetic variability, and more agricultural land is used to feed cattle instead. But we can all do our part to help avert it. Is it, or isnt’t?— With an eye on tackling obesity, the FDA wants to explore what it means for food products to be healthy, including what health claims food companies can make. Border Run— If you haven't tried Taco Bell's nacho fries, you don't have much time left. Until they come back that is...  And finally— I fell for a toothpaste Oreo.