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Grape Expectations— According to the U.N., the global wine industry produces almost 14 million tons of wine leftovers every year. Also known as “pomace,” this waste can pollute ground water, increase soil acidity, and when left in landfills, lead to spread of diseases. But researchers see the potential in grape waste as a renewable resource—pomace materials can be used in dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Sounds grape to us. A Taste of Stardust—Currently at its final stop in the Brooklyn Museum, the David Bowie Exhibit is about more than sights and sounds. Art curator Mathew Yokobosky and Saul Bolton, chef of museum café The Norm, have collaborated to offer menu items that reflect the artist’s taste, work, and life… inspiration came from his fav foods, his art, and the cities that influenced it. The shepherds pie sounds delicious. G.M.O., or NO? The debate rages on, with many consumers running as far away from G.M.O.s as they can. But in the many years since the first genetically modified foods were introduced to the market, no adverse consumer health effects have been found. Hmmm? Finally— Here comes Cinco de Mayo