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Foodspiration— If that sumptuous food pic you’re looking at on Instagram has you salivating and triggers hunger pangs, you can do something about it. Last week the platform announced the introduction of “take action” buttons that allow you to order your meal or make reservations without leaving IG. Soon the delivery folks are going to need their own traffic lane. The Label Says What?— Recent scientific studies say that G.M.O.s pose no health threats, are safe to eat, and do not harm the environment. Still, there’s a lot of confusion related to them, because, skepticism. And yet, whether we all realize it or not, they’re in a lot of the foods found in your grocery aisles. Now, the US Dept. of Agriculture has proposed new guidelines for labeling foods that contain G.M.O.s. The labels propose new language like, “Bioengineered” or “BE,” replacing the stigmatized, “G.M.O.” We’re not sure how hard this works to alleviate the confusion, but food makers will be required to use the labels starting in 2020. Yes, They’re Paying Attention— Go ahead and push those vegetables in front of your kids at the dinner table. And tell them why it’s important to have a balanced diet. According to a Stanford study, kids who have healthy food rules at home, make healthier food decisions when their parents aren’t looking. Surprise. Finally— Food and your cultural identity.