À la carte

Viva LaCroix!— Memorial Day is just around the bend, and here come the beach bods. Lovers of Lacroix can do more than just sip their favorite drink while sunning in the sand. For those willing to be walking billboards, these new trunks and one-piece bathing suits put the love of the La front and center …literally. The Heart Knows— Use of trans fats, (a.k.a. trans fatty acids), has already been restricted in a number of countries including the US, Canada, Britain, Denmark and Switzerland, but they're still widely used in foods in Asia and Africa. Trans fats make things creamy and delicious; they also clog arteries and cause sudden heart attacks. Now the World Health Organization has announced a plan aimed at removing them from the global food supply by 2023. Sure, You Recycle, But— The food choices you make have an impact on the planet. And yes, your animal-based diet is a large part of the problem. Opportunity food loss, (basically, using land for cultivation of plants to feed cattle, instead of growing crops for human consumption), actually contributes to large amount of food waste. Three words. Plant-based meat. (Stay tuned…) Finally— Chrissy Teigen has a cookbook, and a question.