À la carte

Chick in a Box— It’s probably uncommon knowledge outside of postal worker circles, but, the United States Postal Service has been mailing live poultry (and other select animals like snails, bees, goldfish, and alligators under 20 inches long) all over the country since 1918.  If not for the USPS, some rare poultry breeds might have gone extinct—instead, there has been a backyard chicken coop boom. Talk about a cute package… You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands— Meghan and Harry are getting married. We’re not sure why everyone cares so much. But, apparently they’re breaking with tradition and ditching the typical fruitcake for a lemon with elderflower creation, and it actually sounds pretty good. Kale Not Jail— Planting Justice is a Bay Area nonprofit that combines urban farming with environmental education and jobs for ex-offenders. “It’s not just about providing food security but the security of providing living wages.” Workers commit to being drug free and sober; of the 35 formerly incarcerated workers hired since 2009, only one has returned to jail. Finally— Caesar salad is back on the menu.