À la carte

Disney x Tastemade— Here’s an infusion of “healthy” that food entertainment could use; Disney Eats is a new online food network for kids (and reasonably enough, their parents), Shows, developed in partnership with Tastemade, will encourage healthy eating habits and co-cooking experiences for families. Their world media takeover is almost complete. Off The Menu— Panda Express is serving up something a little different. The restaurant debuted a documentary to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage month. “Trailblazers,” features successful Asian American figures, including Connie Chung, Michael Chang, and (restaurant founders) Andrew and Peggy Cherng. Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About— Trader Joe’s, the cult-fav grocery chain, has played it pretty close to the vest, especially when it comes to the brands behind the brand. Now, they’ve announced a new podcast; Inside Trader Joe’s will take you deeper than you thought possible. Finally— Does Ikea know about this?