À la carte

Celebrity Beef— This Saturday, May 26th, Postmates and food app, Off The Menu, are bringing the beef (or in some cases, not the beef) to the LA Food Bowl, with their Secret Burger Showdown. Think Celeb x Chef, putting together mouth-watering burger concoctions—and yes, plant-based meats are on the menu. EDM DJs, hair metal rockers, and TV chefs, oh my! When You Can’t Go Local— Two-thirds of Americans say they want to eat more vegetables, yet 85 percent of consumers don’t eat the recommended amount. Some good news though, studies have found frozen veggies deliver as much nutrients as fresh, and potentially reduce waste. So if you can’t hit the fresh market, hit the frozen aisle. Feeding Your Subconscious— Having nightmares? Apparently, spicy foods have been found to be the culprit, while dairy products like milk and ice cream have been found to trigger bizarre (but not necessarily scary) dreams. Eating protein puts you into a deeper sleep, so those dreams can be a distant memory by the time you wake. Finally— Alton Brown probably likes Devo