À la carte

Bittersweet— ABC’s The Chew won’t be returning for an eight season, the network announced on Wednesday. Remaining hosts Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon, and Carla Hall addressed the cancellation on-the-air, Thursday.  An additional hour of Good Morning America will fill the time slot. Seven years is a pretty good run… Wait, What’s This Now?— Sure, we’ve known that there’s too much sodium in instant ramen noodles, that’s why we only use a tiny bit of the flavor packet. But a new study in the Journal of Nutrition ties instant noodle consumption with heart risk, particularly in women. And the main culprit is the noodles. America’s Favorite Burger Chain— It’s Five Guys. Other food categories in The Harris Poll's EquiTrend Brands of the Year include [Best] Chicken Restaurant; Coffee Shop; Mexican Restaurant; Pizza Chain; and Sandwich Shop. See who else came out on top. Finally— Matt and Snoop         …Have a great, safe Memorial Day Weekend.