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Hell No, Milk— Entomilk is being hailed as a new superfood trend. This non-dairy alternative to milk is said to be rich in protein, iron, zinc and calcium; it's lactose free and is currently used to make specialty ice cream. Also, entomilk is made from crystals secreted by cockroaches. They die in the process of fluid collection. Triggered— Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos trigger “brain tingles” in some people, and are considered a form of stress relief.  Think: A steady shot of a mouth-watering steak cooking on the grill, juices dripping, with all the sounds of sizzle… Now, more brands are getting in on the act. Plastic Suck— You’ve probably been hearing a lot about plastic straws lately. In NY, a bill has been introduced to ban them in restaurants and bars. McDonald’s shareholders just voted to keep plastic straws in place. They might have to hit the fast forward button on their pledge to make packaging more sustainable by 2025… at least in NY. Finally— This can’t be good.