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Red Flag Raisins— Curious eaters crave the combinations and profiles that global flavors offer. Some even experiment in their own kitchens. Keeping it authentic is a must, however. Dole may have lost sight of that with their jerk chicken recipe. (Hint: Bananas? Raisins? Nope.) Rice Tells the Tale— Researchers studying the effect of rising carbon dioxide levels on varieties of rice, found that the grain lost significant amounts of protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins when grown under the conditions we can expect in the next half century if our emissions go unchecked and deforestation continues at its current rate. The decline in nutrient quality would affect about 600 million people globally. Just Put a Hole In It— National Donut Day is this Friday, June 1st. Expect the typical players to celebrate in very “donut lover” ways. Burger King has  jumped on the bandwagon this year to serve “definitely not-donuts.” (National Bagel Day was February 9th.) Finally— Snoop Dogg has a Guinness World Record.