F&Co at Seeds & Chips, Vol. 2

Seeds & Chips Global Food Summit, Day 2:

John Kerry is an awesome guy. He’s spent his life in service of humanity. He’s the type of man who has made quiet, impactful moves that prioritize peace and progress. Think: Paris Climate Agreement, or, Iran Nuclear Deal… (and after hearing the man break down why that deal was so crucial, we’re face-palming right now).  Addressing the Seeds & Chips audience on day two of the global food summit, Kerry roused the crowd with common sense-isms like, “We have to believe in science,” and, (quoting Daniel Patrick Moynihan) “Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” More still, “We have to fight to reclaim a fundamental basis of the truth on this planet…” On the subject of man-made problems related to our planet and our food, Kerry echoed one of the summit’s mantras, “There is no Planet B.” He calls for holistic solutions, because so much is connected…He doesn’t want your thanks, but he deserves it. Let’s talk about Teenovators. Each talk/panel presentation at Seeds & Chips is introduced by a teen entrepreneur trying to make a difference in the world via food innovation. From chefs to tech-geek superheroes, they’re tackling major issues like waste or exploring alternative food sources… they’re not asking for our permission to save us, they’re just doing it. Considering the current state of our “leadership,” these kids offer a glimmer of hope for the future. Farming is going to change. You can’t walk the exhibit floor without noticing how many different farming operations  are represented, in towers, in cargo containers… farming is happening everywhere. And given the state of the world’s soil, that's a good thing. Things you’d never think of… Did you know that fish nets can be calibrated to lure specific species? In an over-fished world, knowing that each species of fish responds to the light spectrum differently becomes crucial information. When older knowledge is combined with new tech, amazing things can happen. Ultimately that’s what this summit is all about, the past AND the future.