À la carte

What If I’m Still in The Free-Trial Period?— Amazon Prime members rejoice. Now, the membership also gets you discounts at—you guessed it—Whole Foods. As of this Wednesday, June 27th, the program will be offered at Whole Foods and Whole Foods 365 locations nationwide.  Every Hour is Happy Hour— If you’re at TGI Fridays that is. Seems discounted drinks are great for generating casual dining foot traffic. (See: Applebee’s Dollaritas). Fridays has introduced the all-day happy hour as a permanent addition to the menu. Bottoms up. Get The Seaweed Salad— It’s always a delicious addition to a sushi order, and we knew it was healthy, but we didn’t realize how awesomely healthy seaweed is. We’re adding it to our snack repertoire.  Finally—Womp womp