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Adventures In Ice Cream— Avocadoes, already a crucial feature in Mexican cuisine, have gone on to conquer our salads and toast. The next step in avo-domination: Ice Cream. In the post Halo Top ice cream world, we should expect more of this. Cado is avocado ice cream. Non-dairy, soy free, gluten free, vegan, ice cream. [More] Mergers and Acquisitions— Conagra, (Healthy Choice, Marie Callendar’s) announced a merger with Pinnacle Foods, whose Evol brand frozen meals “boast fewer chemicals and hormones.” No one knows what it’ll mean yet. This Doesn’t Sound Good— The non-stick stuff used in everything from stain-resistant carpeting to food packaging, is ending up in a couple of the most obvious places. Our water and our blood. Finally— Jell-O Play