À la carte

No surprise— Plant-based product claims are on the rise. Dutch-based knowledge solutions provider, Innova Market Insights, reports, “plant-based product claims skyrocketed at a compound annual growth rate of 62 percent worldwide from 2013 through 2017, with increases occurring in… plant proteins, active botanicals, sweeteners, herbs and seasonings, and food coloring.” The research also showed that one in four US consumers increased consumption of meat alternatives in 2017. Single Use. Multi-Serve— Yup, we’re probably all eating plastic. Researchers in the UK tested wild mussels (from various local regions) and store bought mussels (from, everywhere). They found that all the mussels they tested had been contaminated by microplastics. Mussels filter seawater for their food and end up ingesting plastic… which is finding its way back to us. All Aboard the Crab Train— Red Lobster is available to go. More specifically, their annual crabfest is available to go. But this train car must have smelled a little funky. Finally— Happy Birthday 7-Eleven.