Summer Fancy Food Show

Perfect heatwave activity— It’s almost 100 degrees out you say? Ok. How about a well-cooled convention center, with massive screens airing World Cup Soccer? You could watch it at home? Ok. Throw in multiple floors of delicious fare from around the world; spices, sauces, oils, cheeses, meats, chocolate treats, olives, mushrooms, aloe drinks, coconut water, snacks of all shapes, kinds, and sizes, …  you get it. Uh huh, sounds amazing, right? Specialty Foods Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show kicked off at the Javits Center in NYC over a weekend that also brought the city’s first heatwave of the year. It’s all things now, new, and next in world of food and the samples are a’ flowing. The show also boasts a robust speaker agenda, Nicolas Trentesaux, SIAL Network Director, spoke about the evolution of health food innovation on Sunday, highlighting key trends: less industrial, clean products, diet "free," vegetal (or, "plant-based") for health and pleasure, and superfoods and microbiota organic. Milan’s Global Food Conference, Seeds and Chips, has a nice setup downstairs and Robert Irvine makes a stop by the show today. [So will we, stay tuned…]