À la carte

Fonzi Jumped a Shark Wearing a Leather Jacket and Water Skis— And that’s how we got the term. And this is the moment crazy ice cream flavors jumped the shark. Not sorry, ‘mayonnaise’ should not be an ice cream flavor. Taste Loss— It’s a real thing experienced by chemotherapy patients. The drugs used in these treatments kill fast growing cells, taste buds among them. Chemo Kitchen is a cookbook currently in the works with recipes designed to address the issue. It’s 75% funded on Kickstarter. Feel the Burn— Or, don’t. An anti-obesity drug based on the compound that gives chili peppers their heat caused long term weight loss and increased metabolic health in mice. The compound is typically not absorbed by the body when consumed in food, so eating chili peppers won’t have the same effect. Finally— “Say cheese,” …cake. It’s National Cheesecake Day.