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It Has Always Been About Storytelling— The way the story unfolds however, continues to evolve driven by advances in tech. We sat down with Samantha G. Wolfe, founder of #PitchFWD, a #VR and #AR consulting agency, and co-author of #MarketingNewRealities, and award winning chef, Gabriele Corcos, to discuss transformative marketing in the digital age on his podcast, Future Bites. Upping Their Game— McDonald's is moving to fresh (vs. frozen) beef for their iconic Quarter Pounder sandwich. And it's just the beginning of a push to make a better connection with a more discerning consumer. Because We Want Our Bodegas To Be Actual Bodegas— Last year, two ex-Google employees set out to create a way to make corner store items more convenient to purchase. Their answer was basically a big vending machine that contained anything from toothpaste to razors to snacks of all sorts; and they named their creation, Bodega. A year later, they've finally corrected that mistake. Finally— This Dunkin' Donuts in NH.