À la carte

Certain Things Can’t Be Delivered To Your Door— Convenience is changing everything. With everyone delivering just about everything, “going out shopping” is becoming less and less of a thing. We need more than the promise of lanes of merch and bubbly music moving us through the aisles. Proper experiences—entertainment, if you will—better connects us to brands; for instance, the Museum of Ice Cream. What started as a pop-up a few years ago has blossomed into a Target partnership with a nationwide merchandising deal and branded clothing. Beef On The Block— Cattle ranchers in Wyoming are embracing blockchain technology to track beef, from the farm to the shelf. Beefchain hopes to see consumers using their tech to track the story of their meat as soon as next year. Is Anyone Else Watching This?— Do yourself a favor and watch Who is America? on Showtime. Among others things, Sacha Baron Cohen (in disguise) convinces a food critic that he’s created a course out of human flesh. And yes, he gets the critic to eat it. Finally— Who doesn’t love cheese?