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Remember— At a facility in the Malaysian countryside, scientists are studying “forgotten crops” to help shape the future of the world’s food. Wheat, maize, rice, and soybean (the big four) currently provide two-thirds of the world’s food supply. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates we’ll need to produce 50% more food by the year 2050 to feed our ever-increasing human population; researchers at Crops For the Future are trying to unlock the potential of some 7,000 alternative crops to meet food demand without contributing to climate change or causing further damage to our ecosystem. By Now You’ve Probably Heard— PepsiCo Inc. bought SodaStream for 3.2 Billion. In a time of soda taxes, increasing plastic pollution, and heightened awareness of health concerns around sugary beverages, the move is expected to… be a band-aid? But Are They RoundUp Free?— For 116 years, Nabisco’s Barnum Animal Crackers package featured various animals behind bars in circus wagons. Now, Mondelez International, the company that makes the crackers, have changed with the times. The cages, like the circus from which the crackers got their name, are gone. Finally— You want cheese?