À la carte

This Doesn’t Seem Like The Jetson’s At All— How will we eat, farm, 3D print, digitize—and whatever else—our food in the future? This fictional take on the subject suggests a world where farms are in cities, individual calorie intake and carbon footprint are monitored and regulated, obesity has been eradicated, and restaurants are mostly robotic. Sound appetizing? It’s Called, “Training”—To celebrate “Back to School,” and (ultimately), get more of us shopping through our voice-activated, connected, home devices; Frito-Lay is putting talk bubbles on its snack bags, offering inspiration for lunchtime notes to the kiddos thru their “Snackable Notes” Alexa skill, and giving away $1,000 a week for nine weeks. Get all that? Going Out With a Beer— Did you know there is still a Blockbuster location (yes, video rental Blockbuster) out there in America? It’s in Bend, Oregon. And they’ve collaborated with a brewery to create a craft beer, The Last Blockbuster… Cheers. Finally— Hate to be a buzzkill but… we all probably knew this already, on some level.