À la carte

Chipotle x DoorDash— Chipotle has had its share of problems with food borne illnesses, so they’ve implemented quarterly food safety training. And to make it easier to grab a burrito bowl, they’re offering free delivery for online and mobile app orders through Sept. 12, via DoorDash, their delivery platform. But It’s Still Summer— Ahh, Labor Day, that unofficial end to the summer. Kids hate it, parents love/hate it. And food brands break out the pumpkin spice. Starbucks is kicking things off early this year, Whole Foods is doing whipped cream, and now Busch (beer) is getting in on the act… sort of. Mood Food— A team of researchers at Binghampton University found that women need a more nutrient dense diet than men to support mental well-being. While men were found to experience mental well-being until nutrient deficiencies arise, women were found to be less likely to experience mental well-being until a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle were followed. Wait, what? Finally— We can’t get enough.