À la carte

“Hummus, Alexa. I said HUM-MUS”— You can use your Amazon Prime membership and your house robot, Alexa, to shop from Whole Foods without ever leaving the comfort of your slanket. I mean, of course you can. You just have to be in a city where delivery is available. We Heard This Song Five Times Last Weekend Alone— Burger King UK issued a retweet challenge with a pretty low-bar and an amazing outcome. For a mere thousand retweets, a Burger King in London played Toto’s “Africa,” on repeat. All. Day. Long. I See What You Did There— If you order-in a lot like some of us (ahem), you’re probably paying more than you think in ‘delivery fees.’ They could be anywhere from a buck, to as much as $8 per delivery. DoorDash has the answer. It’s a subscription service called DashPass. Finally— This is both troubling and reassuring.