À la carte

Have a Coke and a Smile?— Constellation Brands Inc. (maker of Corona beer), Molson Coors Brewing Co., Diageo PLC (maker of Guinness beer) and Heineken (more specifically, Lagunitas) have already dipped a toe into the cannibus-infused beverage pool. Beverage makers are slowly embracing the new ingredient to diversify product portfolios as traditional business has slowed. Now, Coca Cola seems ready to wade in, having expressed interest in developing a drink infused with CBD (that’s the non-psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana, effective in pain treatment). Sounds alright, but where’s the “happy” in that? Et Tu Mickey D’s?— Female McDonald’s employees in ten cities across the nation scheduled a walk-out yesterday in response to the company’s (mis)handling of sexual harrassment allegations. Women who reported harassment claim they were ignored, mocked, and “in some cases suffered retaliation.” More than a good enough reason to put down that Big Mac. Second Sight— Grocery stores present some obvious problems for blind shoppers; things aren’t always where they’re supposed to be, and even when they are, the array of options can overwhelming... Wegman’s is the first supermarket chain to offer the app service, Aira [EYE-rah] in all of its locations. Through the app, blind shoppers connect to live operators who remotely connect to the shopper’s smart phone camera—and use it to provide live guidance. Finally— Okay…but, really?