À la carte

Superfoodie— The newly released PS4 game, Spider-Man, apparently reveals secrets about Peter Parker’s true career aspirations. Players have found recipes, real recipes, hidden throughout the game, and some have even taken a crack at them. Was this all part of the release strategy? —to try and crack as many marketing opportunities as possible? Well, you’re reading it here folks. Nice job Sony/Marvel. When Life Gives You…— Chris Cates and his son Andrew operated Seggasia Vineyard in Napa Valley, CA. Their vineyard was severely damaged by last year’s wildfires. But they used the remaining “smoke-tainted” grapes to create a crunchy, delicious snack they call RayZyns. It’s Illegal (Or Is It?)— A restaurant in Maine tried making the experience of being dropped into a pot of boiling water a bit more chill for the lobsters who had to endure it. Charlotte Gil, owner of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster pound, got Roscoe (a lobster test subject) stoned. Yes, pot-stoned. Health officials aren’t having it. Finally— Halloween? Already?