À la carte, Cali edition

Del Taco Goes Beyond— They’re the first Southwest/Mexican fast food chain to carry Beyond Meat (the plant-based, meat alternative) in-house. The vegan “beef” crumble they’ve created is featured in two new tacos and can be used as a protein replacement across their menu. For now, it’s just a test at two California Del Taco locations. Home Cookin’ in CA— There’s always someone in the neighborhood who knows how to get down in the kitchen. You love being invited over. You talk about the food for days after. You’ve mentioned how you’d order whatever they made at a restaurant if you could. Well, if you’re in California, now they don’t need a restaurant to cook for you and take your money. Not Everyone’s Happy with Whole Foods— Namely, Direct Action Everywhere, an activist group that claims Whole Foods is guilty of inhumane treatment of animals. Whole Foods has sued the group in California, saying it’s members are guilty of trespassing at their stores. The group is now banned from stores in Berkeley, CA.  Finally— Happy Birthday Mickey!