À la carte

Food 52 x Alexa— Alexa seems to be gaining new skills everyday, (hopefully we still have some time before she becomes self-aware.) For now though, she’s about to help you crush it in the kitchen. A new collaboration  between Food 52 and Amazon lets users access thousands of community sourced recipes, get step-by-step instructions, access tools like timers, and see images and videos to help guide the way. Try it out on your Echo Show or Echo Spot device, just say “Alexa, find [cuisine, ingredient, occasion] recipes from Food52.” Happy cooking. For Real?— McDonald’s recently announced a move to fresh meat in all quarter pounders and a change to their classic apple pie; now they’re cutting all artificial ingredients from their burgers, (and anything included in those burgers, like cheese or special sauce). Starting to look forward to my next road-trip Mickey D’s run. Time To Say Goodbye— It’s been in the works for a while now, but Dunkin’ is finally nixing the “Donuts” (just from their name, they’re still makin’ the donuts). And no, this isn’t just another IHOB. Finally— It’s National Coffee Day.