À la carte

SMH— Let’s start with the nonsense: The Clemson Tigers, collegiate football national champs, went on a late-night team trip to celebrate with some eats. And because everybody wanted a little something different, (I mean, nat’l champs, everyone deserves the right to choose their own celebratory meal) they made stops at Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, and an unnamed pizza joint. Exactly what you’d expect to eat at 1am Sunday morning after a Saturday night out. Except, this is not what went down at all. The feast of fast food actually happened, except it was at the white house. And, as for the fast food? Well, blame the government shutdown. Congrats guys. Face palm.  Pringle Noir?— Last Friday, a woman in Texas was banned from a Walmart after drinking wine from a Pringles can while driving around the parking lot in an electric cart. Of course, like all things viral these days, now everyone wants to try it. Slow Clap— Taco Bell already has a devout following, with their dollar menus, late night drive-thrus and charming social media posts. Vegetarians in particular love the Bell for their meatless options (they’re the only QSR to be certified by the American Vegetarian Association); now they’ve got even more to cheer about. Taco Bell has plans to test its first dedicated vegetarian menu in restaurants this year. Finally— SMH reprise: #hamberders